Bed Doily - Full Size Bed

Pineapple Bed Doily

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This Pattern Was a Challenge

Bed Doily Full Size

I made two different doilies shown in the images above. Gave one to my daughter and one to my daughter-in-law. The pattern seemed a bit confusing in places. I will go into detail below to explain certain areas in more depth.

Extra Motif in Ring

The first misunderstanding I hit was the fact that you need to insert 2 extra motifs in the “3rd Center Edging”. The first extra motif needs to be placed as the “8th Motif”. (You can see in the center of the picture above.) The author explains it fairly well with the 8th motif. But, the second half which would be the 16th motif is not explained at all. I just looked at the picture and determined how to connect the 16th Motif to the 1st Motif, the half Motif, and the 15th Motif.

Queen Size Doily

Queen Size Doily

I enlarged the doily for a queen sized bed in the picture above.

Standard Size without Increase

The image above is the standard size.

In the image below (the Queen size) I added an extra round after the 1st round in the “First Center Edging”. I used round 2 as the base, but I added an extra chain 5 space to the chain between Motifs. So, I actually did 6 rounds in the “First Center Edging” instead of 5

This gave me 16 half Motifs in the “2nd Center Edging”.

Size Increase-Queen

Then when I got to the “3rd Center Edging” I added 4 extra Motifs. I inserted an extra Motif every 5th Motif instead of every 8th Motif in the original pattern. (See the Queen Size Doily image above.) Therefore there are a total of 20 Motifs in the “3rd Center Edging”

Other Mistakes in the Pattern

“Pineapple Section”

Rnd 10 – It says, “Sl st in next ch-1 sp,” Instead slip stitch in each of the 5 chains and in the first double crochet.

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