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Pick a pocket – Pattern review.

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Pattern Review

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A Simple Tunisian Stitch – And A Lot of Fun

This is a quick little pouch that is easy to make. And, everybody loves it. You do have to have a Tunisian Hook also called an afghan hook. And the author includes a tutorial to with a diagram to showing how to make the “Tunisian Simple Stitch”. A little FYI – the “Forward pass” and the “Return pass” counts as one row.

I made a number of pocket pouches with #4 cotton and acrylic yarn. They all came out just fine.

Beginning Row Insert Hook

Beginning row – insert hook into chain

Beginning Row Pull Loop

Beginning row – Pull loop up on hook

Tunisian Stitch Rolls Naturally

This stitch has a tendency to roll. And, it was driving me crazy.

Hold Tunisian Stitch Down

So, I figured out a way to hold it down.

Four Pieces

The pattern explains how to make the four pieces needed to make the pocket pouch. One thing I leaned is to leave a long tail at the beginning and the end of the front. And leave a long tail at the end of the back. That will eliminate having to use a new strand to sew the pieces together, so there are less ends to work-in when finished.

Last Rows

Two Small Pockets

The author instructs you to crochet a reverse single crochet across the last row of the two smaller pockets. But, I prefer to add a row of single crochet before adding the last row of reverse single crochet.

Insert Hook in Vertical Bar

I pulled the single crochet stitch through the front vertical bar, rather than across the top of the Tunisian simple stitch.

Finish Single Crochet Stitch

Then finish the single crochet.

Reverse Single Crochet Row

Then crochet the reverse single crochet row. And, work in the ends of yarn.

Sew Pieces Together

Use one strand to sew from top to bottom on the right side. And, use another strand to sew from top to bottom on the left side. Then use the third strand to sew across the bottom. The author does include a diagram on how to whipstitch the seams. All seams are sewn outside the pouch, not inside.

After all the pieces are sewn together the author instructs you to do a single crochet around the top. Again, pull the single crochet through the front vertical bar. And again, crochet a row of reverse single crochet to finish the top.

I used a twisted cord for the strap. But, you can create any kind of strap you want. When making the pouch as a gift, I made the cord extra long, so the receiver could adjust the strap to suit their need.

Hippie Bag

Hippie Bag - Tunisian

I had so much fun with the small bag, I decided to make a larger, hippie bag. Basically, I used 40 stitches across, rather than 16. And, I also made a single small piece the same size as the Front pouch.

Large bag – 40 stitches and 47 rows of Tunisian Simple stitch.

Top of bag – sc evenly sp around for 2 rows – Then (sc in 3 sts, sc-dec in next 2 sts) 7 times, sc in last 3 sts.

Small pocket in front – I followed the Front pattern from the Pick-a-Pocket Pouch. I then sc down left side, across bottom, up right site, across top. – Then rev sc across top – Sew on front of bag.

Large flower on pocket – I borrowed the flower pattern from a crochet hat – Kitty Hat with Flower and Bow Crochet Hat.

The Smaller Flowers are simple – Start with a magic ring. Rnd 1: With yellow yarn make 5 or 7 (flowers like odd numbers) sc in ring. Rnd 2: Join petal color in 1st st, ch 3, (2 tr, ch 3, sl st) in same st, (sl st, ch 3, 2 tr, ch3, sl st) in each remaining st, join in beginning sl st. – Arrange the flowers however you like.

Butterfly buttons – I found the butterfly buttons on Amazon for only $1.99. The price is great, and the buttons are cute. But, it does take a few weeks to receive them.

Strap – I again made a twisted cord. Only this time I sewed it all the way down each side of the bag. You may want to try a different type of strap.

Bottom Fringe – Because the first row in the Tunisian Simple Stitch is so bulky, I decided to cover it with some fringe. Again, you may have a better idea

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